Saturday, 22 October 2011


I have just been looking at different horse books on the internet and here are some of the ones that I thought looked interesting and I might get one or two for Christmas!

The first book can be seen below and is called Photographing and Videoing Horses Explained. It can be bought here for around £16.00. It says it teaches the basics of digital and film photography and how to avoid 25 common problems. It also includes sections on how to use photoshop to edit your photos.

The next book is one written by the founder of The Donkey Sanctuary and is called The Complete Book Of The Donkey. This interests me due to my new love of donkeys! It can be bought here for £20.50. 

The next book is Sixty Years Of Royal Welsh Champions. This especially interests me after researching Trooper's family tree and finding he had some "famous" ancestors! Click here for the post! The book is for sale for £35.00 and can be bought here! It is a summary of the Royal Welsh Show with details of who won each of the four categories in the Welsh cob and pony classes. There are photos for each champion.

The final book is one that caught my eye as I am going to watch the Spanish Riding School in November and no doubt I will want to know more about this type of classical riding. This is called The Art Of Riding and can be purchased here for £39.95. The book goes into detail into a number of dressage movements.

(None of these images belong to me).

So there are a few ideas if you are looking for a new book or to add to your Christmas list!

Love Laura


Wolfie said...

Thanks for the list! That Complete Book of Donkeys has my name on it - I have recently discovered how absolutely adorable they are!

Mare said...

The one of Photographing horses has me written all over it...thanks for sharing!

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