Monday, 10 October 2011

Horse Racing- Whip Ban?

Today new whip rules are coming into play for jockeys after there were a lot of complaints after the Grand National this year. The new rules are that the jockey is allowed eight strokes of the whip jumping or seven whilst on the flat.

The link to the story on the BBC news is below.

BBC news link

They say the reason the whip has not been banned completely is that they need it for safety when coming up to a jump a high speed to make sure the horse doesn't stop. They also need it to keep the horse balanced in the gallop...

I can see why they may need to give them a tap before the jump but they usually use the whip when they are coming to the end of the race, repeatedly hitting the horse that is already exhausted. I also can't see how this would help to balance the horse. They're hardly dressage riders giving them a tickle with the whip on their hindquarters! I think it is the way they are using the whip which is a large problem.

The best part of the new regulations is that they will face longer bans and they may be stripped of their prize money. This is a good idea as hopefully they will get out of the habit of hitting the horses coming up to the finish line if they may lose the winning money anyway! If they are banned they may also get fined. As the racing industry is so money driven I think using fines and taking away prize money is one of the best ways to reduce the amount of whipping.

This is a step in the right direction and we will have to wait and see the effects these new regulations will have.

Love Laura


Allison said...

I do not follow horse racing, but it is good to know that rules for better horse treatment are emerging! I am sure that taking away prize money and fining are good incentives to stop the abuse! Thanks for sharing!

Wolfie said...

Agreed. This is a step in the right direction. In my opinion, whips in the racing industry are mostly used as a threatening weapon, not as an aid.

I wanted to say "hi" and thanks for following my blog. :-)

Ruffles said...

I think thats a great rule. Inmy opinion whips are used way too much.

mariya sharapova said...

True, Horseracing features great athletes, both man and horse. But it’s no longer covered on most sports pages. Rarely seen on Sports Center. Jockeys don’t get shoe contracts. And today’s market obviously relates much better to fast cars than fast horses.

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