Thursday, 27 October 2011

Zebra For Sale!

Just a quick post because on the Your Horse magazine facebook page they posted a link to this earlier. On one of the horse sales website Horse Deals there is a zebra for sale! Click here to see it!

It does say sale to a special experienced home only which is good because I wouldn't know where to start if I bought a zebra! I would love to buy it if I could though!!

Love Laura


Wolfie said...

The zebra is cute, but I always get a little nervous when someone is selling exotics; are the people knowledgeable in care, is the climate and environment stressful for the animal, etc. etc. IMO, money is usually a key motivator when someone is involved with exotics. If I am reading the advert correctly, the new owner has to have a special license, no? Perhaps that will deter crazies that just want to show off an unusual animal and not understand the time and care involved. Hope the little guy finds a good home.

Laura said...

Yes, it does sound like the person that has it now knows about it and wants it to be re-homed well! I wouldn't imagine that any old person could just buy a zebra so I guess there is some sort of license!

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