Friday, 28 October 2011

Product Review- Happy Hoof

I have been wanting to do more product reviews as I think they are useful to people but it's hard as I don't have a horse with me at university. However, I found these photos that I had taken over the summer and not used of Trooper's feed...

Trooper is given Happy Hoof for his feed so I thought I would write a review on this!

The bucket looks like a cone here for some reason but I assure you it's a normal rubber bucket! I should actually do a review on the bucket as they last Trooper years and he used to break the plastic ones within a week! He's good at picking them up in his mouth and throwing them!

OK back to the review... Trooper has been having Happy Hoof in his feed for many years now. He also has Winergy Ventilate and Biotin powder. Which I have also written reviews on ( here and here). Happy Hoof is by the company Spillers and costs around £10 for 20 kg (but we buy it from our farmer). Essentially, he is on this Happy Hoof because of his tendency to put on weight. He is definitely not fussy about what he eats but he really likes it and makes sure the bowl is licked clean. It smells nice to me as well!

This feed is aimed at horses that are prone to laminitis so is low in starch. It is approved by the Laminitis Trust. There are recommendations on the back of the bag to how much to feed your horse. Trooper has a small scoop a day. He does not really need a feed but on the livery yard where he is kept they all have breakfast in the morning and he isn't happy if he gets left out! In the winter he has two feeds a day but still the same amount so the small scoop is split into two feeds (again to keep him happy!). He also has apples and carrots in his feed.

Happy Hoof has real mint, garlic and soya oil in it. Garlic is meant to help respiration which is good for Trooper.The feed is mainly made up of chaff with a few pellets in it. It is not dry or dusty and his extra biotin powder he has mixes in well without the feed being too dry.

In my own experience with the feed it is a very good feed for horses prone to put on weight such as Trooper. It also has added biotin in the feed which is great for Trooper as he used to get very cracked hooves. As Trooper is 22 years old I feel better about his nutrition knowing he is having a small feed which is giving him the extra things he may need. I would definitely recommend the feed for anyone with a horse that puts on weight easily but still needs a feed for whatever reason, or horses prone to laminitis. I can't see myself changing Trooper's feed from Happy Hoof in the near future as he is in good health on this feed and I have never had any problems from it.

Love Laura

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Ruffles said...

Great reveiw! It sounds like a great feed, but I don't think we have any here in NZ otherwise I would definitiely consider it for Poppy.

btw - I love the pic of Trooper with the feed bucket. :) so cute!!

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