Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Edited Photos and Trooper

I've just got a new app on my phone (kindly suggested to me by my boyfriend) and I have edited some photos of Trooper so here they are!

These are all photos I already had on my phone so don't worry, it's not snowing in Macclesfield yet (touch wood). And if you were wondering, the app is called Instagram and was free.

Also I've not seen Trooper for a few months due to being at uni but my Mum says he is fine. He isn't lame in walk which is good but she hasn't trotted him as she didn't want to put unnecessary strain on his tendon. This is the first winter we wont have had him clipped as he can't be ridden and she says he is getting fluffy! His weigh is OK, he is eating one and a half hay nets over night and then is in the field for a few hours in the day so hopefully this is just maintaining him at the same weight without work.

Love Laura


Allison said...

I love the photo of the horses laying down! I will be downloading this app! Thanks for sharing!

Ruffles said...

Love the photos.!!
Glad Trooper seems to be doing better. What a great mum to be looking after him for you.

Laura said...

She likes reading all the comments on here so she will be glad you said that! We do share Trooper though, but she's always glad when I can come home and help, especially in the winter!

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