Sunday, 23 October 2011

My Little Pony

I'm on a break from writing essays which has been going on for far too long now but I was on the Truffle Shuffle website which has lots of good clothes with cartoons etc. on! I saw these and thought they would be good on my blog! I have got a My Little Pony T-shirt already but it is slightly different to this one!

The T shirt is £24.99 and the hoodie is £34.99. And they can be purchased here!

Also please remember, you can follow my blog in a number of ways over on the side bar at the right! I also have a facebook and twitter page where I post updates about new blog posts and general chit-chat! :-)

Love Laura

1 comment:

Ruffles said...

Very cute :)!! Unfortunatly my horseys need food so i can't get one.

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