Friday, 14 October 2011

Horse Racing- Whip Ban?- Update

After the new regulations came into play a few days ago there has already been some problems with the new whip regulations. For the link to my original post on the new whip regulations Click here!

Richard Hughes has now given up his licence after already receiving two bans. Below is a link to the news story. He says he is not a rider that uses the whip much. Of the 7 times they are allowed to use the whip, only 5 are allowed to be used in the last furlong or from the final obstacle.

BBC News link!

He argues that the new regulations will make people use the whip more before the furlong pole and then they have 5 whips left.

I think this would only be on very rare occasions and all in all I think it would reduce the use of the whip. He was obviously using it more than the regulations which is why they got the ban. I am sure we are going to see a lot more jockeys getting annoyed with the new regulations when they get bans. They are going to blame the new rules rather than the fact they use the whip too much.

I have only been to the races once and I really enjoyed it, I watched a youngster race though and from what I can remember they did not use the whip much. However, these rules are for the better of the sport, if less people are put off by thinking it is cruel then they will get more spectators and viewers. Therefore, once the rules have become "the norm" I think that it will be an improvement to the sport.

Love Laura


Ruffles said...

I think it's an awesome idea. I love it. :)

Ruffles said...

btw - How is Trooper doing? is his tendon injury healing up good?

TheHorseTalker said...

I am uni at the moment and he's at home with my mum but she says that the swelling has gone now and I think he is either a tiny bit lame or not lame at all now which is good!
He's getting in trouble at the moment because he keeps escaping in from the field every time somebody goes to get a horse because he wants his food in his stable! So now he's got to come into an empty stable for a bit to try and top him coming in!

Anonymous said...

We were discussing this with friends yesterday and agreed we were all against the use of the whip. If a rider has the right relationship with his horse, the horse will go for him because he wants to. Often a whip can have the opposite effect.
The argument that the jockey needs a whip in order to do his best for the punters and owners is nonsense. If there was a total ban on whips in racing, everyone would be on a level playing field.

Anonymous said...

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