Saturday, 23 July 2011

The Equine Family Tree

Last summer I carried out a 2 week work experience placement with Horse Magazine. While I was there I wrote a blog for their website so I decided to copy and paste it onto here (I don't think it's cheating because I wrote it in the first place!). So here it is...

My Welsh cob Trooper is definitely a character, and at the age of 21 he's still as mad as ever. But despite the fact that Mum and I have owned him for 12 years, we knew very little about his breeding. So I decided to research his family on the internet.

My starting point was the breeding certificate with his parent's names on. It was surprisingly easy to find information about his ancestry – and photos too.

A quick Google search brought up the website of the stud farm that owned his sire. I discovered lots of interesting details about him – they said he was very cheeky and at his first competition he rolled in the show-ring, right in front of the judge. It's just the sort of thing Trooper would do.

I also went on to find he had ancestors on both sides that had been to the Horse Of The Year Show. I was very impressed. I could see the family resemblance in all of them.

For anyone who is interested in Welsh Cobs, my horses stud book name is Deepwell Caradog Ap Cardi. His sire was Cyntwell Prince Cardi. His grandparents were Hewid Cardi  on the sire line who can be seen in the first photo below. And Rhystyd Meredith on the dam line who can be seen on the second photo.

Hewid Cardi (Photo taken from

Rhystyd Meredith (Photo taken from

I would definitely recommend looking into the history of your horse. Who knows – he could have some famous relatives. Even after 12 years of owning Trooper, I now feel like I know him a little better.

Love Laura


Anonymous said...

Pedigrees are fascinating - I now have three horses who are registered and therefore have pedigrees, and it's fun to look them up and read about their ancestors.

Anonymous said...

I agree! My mare traces back to Skipa Star on one side and Man O'War on the other side!

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