Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Trooper Update- Losing Weight And Painting The Stable

This week I think Trooper is finally getting back down to his normal weight. I measured him with the weight tape and he his 484 kg. When I got back from university at the end of May he was 518 kg. I know weight tapes aren't very accurate but it shows he has lost weight. His girth is going up an extra hole too! He is out in the field over night but he comes in for a few hours in the day and just has his feed and no hay during this time.


When I have been riding him this week I have been mainly schooling him. He has been quite spooky but it was windy at the start of the week. He hasn't coughed at all week. I have been working on his transitions especially walk to trot and back to walk. I have been doing a transition at every letter of the school His transitions never seem improve a great deal, especially his downwards ones but it does help him to go more softly in the trot after I have done them. Towards the end of the session he has been going quite nicely. His fitness is back up to what it was before now so I will book a lesson soon with my teacher. 

He had his mane and tail washed yesterday because he has been itching quite a bit. The flies are all back out now as it has got a bit warmer.

Trooper's chubby bum and scruffy tail!

We have been painting the stable this morning. The other owners along our block have painted theirs so we thought we should too. We also jet sprayed the rubber matting and the stable floor underneath. Trooper wasn't very happy because he likes to come in for a sleep during the day. We brought him in and fed him and turned him back out but he was trying to escape from the field every time somebody went up. In the end we brought him back in and tied him up with a hay net. We turned him back out before we left but he was still standing at the gate.

These photos were taken yesterday afternoon after he had his mane and tail washed and had gone back into the field. 

Love Laura

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