Monday, 25 July 2011

Cheshire County Show

A few weeks ago I went to Cheshire County Show. This is mainly an agricultural show that happens every year. They've got lots of different competitions there but mainly for horses and farm animals. There are showing and show jumping competitions for the horses and a lot of them are qualifiers for larger shows such as Horse Of The Year Show. They also have dog shows, a food hall and food competitions, shops, demonstrations and shows, and lots more! There are lots of educational attractions teaching people about agriculture and where their food comes from, especially in the "Plough to Plate" exhibition. The main attractions include stunt motor bike riders and falconry displays.

This year my highlight of the show was watching the Shire Horses. I don't know a lot about Shires but there were a number of different competitions including driving a cart and ones with the mare and their foal. The horses are all dressed up with the plumes in their manes. Here are some of the photographs I took of them (excuse the English weather!).

The person driving the cart was sat up so straight they were almost standing on some of the carts. I wondered what would happen if the horse pulled them forward but when we looked the driver was strapped in. These horses pulling carts were a bit of a change from the scurry drivers we usually see with the little tiny ponies galloping around cones!

When they are preparing the foals for the competition they brush their hair the wrong way and put something on it to make it stay there. I think this was to make them look younger. 

I was far more interested in the horses but I did take one photograph of one of the cow competitions!

I also went to Cheshire Show last year, and here are a few photos I took then. The goats were interesting to go and look at while they were in the tent as they were all climbing up the sides of the pens and being generally naughty.

One of the goats.

The hunt has been there both times I have been there. They come in with lots of riders and hounds. Fox hunting was banned a few years ago but drag hunting is still popular. As it is an agricultural show the hunt always gets a big cheer and standing ovation as many people believe it is part of our heritage and important to the farmers.

The hounds from the hunt.

The hunt, with the women at the front riding side saddle.

Below is a video filmed of Cheshire last year from YouTube!

The Royal Welsh Show was on last week and it is a larger version of Cheshire Show. They also have lots of Welsh Cobs there that look amazing when they are showing them in hand. I am hoping to go to it next year!

Love Laura

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Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

oh that looks like so much fun! we don't have anything like that around my region. i just joined your blog and look forward in reading yours! :)

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