Sunday, 31 July 2011

Product Review- Lemune Plus Fly Repellent

Today I am going to do a product review of Lemune Plus Fly Repellent. As it's summer, there are so many flies around at the moment and Trooper is itching his mane and tail. This is my own opinion of the product.

Troops with the lemune fly spray (excuse the messy stable!!).

We have been using this fly spray since last summer as we have found it to be very effective. I apply it before he goes out into the field and if there are a lot of flies around I apply it while he is in the stable as well.

There were new regulations made for fly spray in 2006. Substances that were marketed as "active" ingredients were no long approved for sale. Some of these products included citronella oil, cedar oil, eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil etc. When these substances are used in other products they were not effected, only where they for an "active" component to the formulation. Therefore this fly spray was made in compliance with the new regulations. I am not sure why they changed these regulations, I've been trying to Google it with no luck. If anyone knows then let me know! If they can still use these ingredients in other products then I would guess these products can't be harmful, although I am not sure.

The label on the bottle.

I paid £10.67 exactly for the fly spray and that was for 500 ml. I am not sure where we got it from, probably a horse show. This is lemune plus fly spray and I'm guessing there used to be just a lemune one but I don't think they make this any more.

It definitely does repel the flies when he is wearing it. He is still itching his mane and tail a bit so at some point the midges are biting him. The fly spray doesn't last all night so this is probably after it has warn off and I often do not apply it during the day as his stable doesn't have many flies. He is still itching less than he has been with other fly sprays and as he has sweet itch it would take a bit of a miracle to stop him itching all together! The fly spray itself does not have an irritating effect on Troopers skin and I use it all over his body. On the bottle it says spray 8-13 sprays of the product on each side of the horse requiring protection. This seems quite a lot and I definitely don't do this much! Maybe I should try it...

I am not going to talk too much about the ingredients because I don't understand the regulations. All I do know is that it complies with the regulations and smells very nice!

I have confused myself writing this when I started looked at the regulations of fly repellent ingredients, so I would guess you're confused reading it! Sorry! I'll do another post when I understand it all! But with regards to the actual product I really like it and will keep using it on Troops during the summer. I would recommend you to try it if you are not happy with your current fly repellent!

Love Laura

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