Saturday, 23 July 2011


I want my blog to look more pretty so I am going to do a blog post with lots of photos of my horse Trooper. As you can imagine after owning him for 12 years I have hundreds of photos of him. I will add a few now but I might make it a weekly post.

At the farm where I keep Trooper we are lucky enough to have lots of places to ride. There is an indoor and outdoor arena and also a jumping area outside. We also have a little farm ride and a stream.

Me riding Trooper in the stream.

I'm not even sure who this cat is as it isn't the one that lives in our locker. One winter it would just be sat on Trooper's back every time I came down and sometimes it would stay on even after leading him out of the stable. He is all wrapped up in his lovely rug here!

Trooper with a cat sat on his back!

Below is one of my Mums efforts at taking a photo of me, she never quite gets all of me in the photo! I like this one though!

Me riding Trooper.

This was taken either last summer of the summer before after he had had a bath. While he was clean and it was a nice day I managed to take lots of nice photos of him. I wish he looked like this now. This morning I brought him in from the field with a sticky minty patch of saliva on his neck that was covered in bits of Polos. I would take a guess that his best mate Joe was the culprit!

Trooper after a bath.

Love Laura

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Wiola said...

What a lovely horse! I'm getting more and more fond of Welsh cobs :-)

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