Monday, 1 August 2011

Fly Repellent Regulations and IV Horse

After doing my review yesterday into the Lemune Plus Fly Spray I started looking into new the regulations for fly spray that were made in 2006. I was searching on Google but I could not find any information to make it more clear. I emailed IV Horse (said four horse) as they were the company that made the fly spray and as it met the regulations I guessed that they would know more about it.

I was very impressed as I got a lovely email back from John Burdon explaining all about the regulations and answering all the questions I had asked.

Below is a link to a page their website in which they talk about the fly repellent regulations.  Hope this makes things more clear for you as it has done for me!

Their website is very informative and has a Library section which is a collection of magazine tried and tested, gear reviews and product feature articles featuring their products. They also have their own brochures and product guides.

I definitely think that my experience with this company shows they care about their products and customers and I will definitely look further into what products they have.

I will leave you with this photo of my ride on Trooper this morning. We got to ride in the field which is very exciting for us as we have two arenas and are not usually allowed to ride in the field. Every year after the hay has been cut the farmer opens this field up for us to ride in.

Love Laura

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