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Top 5 Horse Text Books!

This morning I took a video of Trooper and Joe coming in from the field. I have literally spent aaaages trying to edit it so it is just the good bits and uploads it onto YouTube but everything is against me! I edited it in a certain software but needed an activation code or it would have had writing across it. Then I thought I would upload it to YouTube and convert it but the main video wont upload. So hopefully I will get this sorted at some point or I will take a new video that doesn't need editing and can go straight onto YouTube!

I thought a good post to do instead would be my top 5 horse text books. I don't sit and read text books but they are useful if you want to look up particular information. These are books I have used whilst studying for my degree or my BHS exams and I have found interesting or useful! The prices I have added on the end are what I found on Amazon, as are the images.

5. Horse Anatomy- A Pictorial Approach To Equine Structure by Peter Goody. £8.79.
This is a very detailed book full of equine anatomy. There are lots of different diagrams showing a wide variety of things such as muscles, bones, teeth and information on conformation. You wouldn't want to sit and read this book but it is interesting if you want to know a bit more about horse anatomy.

4. The BHS Complete Manual of Horse & Stable Management by Josephine Batty-Smith. £17.01
This is a massive book and I used it a lot when I was studied for my BHS exams. There are diagrams in it and it covers pretty much everything you can think of!

3. Equine Nutrition & Feeding by David Frape. £42.74

This covers everything you want to know about feeding such as anatomy, different horse's requirements, pasture management, the roles of vitamins and minerals and much more! But this book doesn't contain many pictures, just a few charts really which doesn't make it very nice to look at! I would only recommend you to buy this book if you are studying Equine Science/ Studies or your horse has special dietary needs and you want to learn more about it.

2. Equine Exercise Physiology by David Marlin and Kathryn Nankervis. £44.64
This book is very interesting and is a "must have" for any Equine Science/Studies student. The book focuses on the horse's physiology and the response to training. And it has lots of diagrams and black and white photographs to help explain things. For the average horse owner it probably isn't very useful, but if you compete at a higher level especially in cross country or racing then this will give you lots of help. Saying that, If I had to sit and read a text book, I think I could manage it with this one, so the average horse owner would still enjoy reading it and learning more about what elite horses can do!

1. Equine Reproductive Physiology, Breeding and Stud Management by Mina Davies Morel. £37.95.
This is my favourite text book from the ones I have. I might be slightly biased as Mina was my lecturer at university, but this book is filled with diagrams and black and white photographs which illustrate and explain the information. The book starts with anatomy, then talks you through from covering through pregnancy, birth, right up until weaning, it also talks about breeding methods including AI. This book is very scientifically based would appeal to a wide variety of people from students to small stud breeders to large stud breeders. It is a very interesting book and definitely one of the few text books I could read without falling asleep!

So there are a few books for you to look out for if you're wanting to learn a bit more about horses! I didn't realise I had paid this much for these books, maybe librarys will have them if you don't want to pay this much. (Think I'll go and cash mine in...I'll resist it, for now!)

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Love Laura

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April xx said...

I've recently got some birthday money and I've been thinking about what to spend it on. I've just bought some new riding jodhpurs and I've been looking at a few horse rugs. Looking at these books I think I'll probably get one of them, I quite like the look of the Equine Nutrition & Feeding one, maybe it give me a few extra hints and tips, thanks for the advice.

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