Monday, 29 August 2011

The Best Riding Gloves

My favourite type of riding gloves are the Mountain Horse Crochet Back gloves. I have had a number of pairs of these over the years. I like them because they are suitable to wear in the winter and the summer as the crochet back makes them cooler and in winter they still keep your hands warm. They wear in nicely and are comfy. They are quite thin leather so it is easy to feel the reins. They also come in a range of colours! They are from the Equestrian Clearance website where they are for sale for £9.99.

My Mountain Horse gloves have now got some holes in them, I think I have had them over 2 years, so I am going to get a new pair of gloves! I don't want fleece lined ones as I want to be able to wear them all year round. Even though I really like the Mountain Horse ones I want a change so I am going to look for some different ones.

The Mountain Horse gloves (image from equestrianclearance).

Some of the other gloves I have had in the past can be seen on the image below. They are both white as I used them when I did some competitions so they are not the most practical gloves to wear day-to-day.

Two pairs of white riding gloves I own.

The cotton gloves on the right are cheap and are good when you are first starting riding. However, they get worn out very quickly if you are riding quite often so I think if you want value for money it is worth spending a bit more on ones that will last longer. I do think they are good if you do occasional competitions as they will not get used very often and look smart. Click here to go to the Robinson's website where they sell for £2.70!

The SEGs gloves are good as they have a cotton back and a rubbery inside hand section. This gives them good grip. Click here to go to the Chester Jefferies website where there is a similar pair on sale for £22.50. I have had mine for a few years so I don't know if they still make them the same!

I think the gloves I have decided to get are the Roeckl Chester Riding Gloves. These come in lots of different sizes, there is a guide on their website of how to measure your hand to get the right size (click here for the guide!). They also come in a variety of sizes, I think I prefer the dark brown ones (pictured below). I think they are very nice and smart looking gloves. The cheapest I have found them for is on the Equine Country Store website click (click here) where they are £23.48. It is my birthday in a month so I am going to wait and get them for my birthday!

Roeckl Chester Riding Gloves (Image from

If anyone wants to recommend any other gloves to me then I would be glad to hear about them!

Love Laura


Nancy Taylor Rojo said...

Hi Laura, I can attest to the great Roeckl Chester gloves. I can feel the reins so much better and they have just the right amount of tack to them. Love your blog...Nancy

TheHorseTalker said...

Oo thank you! They look so nice, I think I will definitely be getting a pair for my birthday!

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