Wednesday, 17 August 2011

YouTube- Trooper and Joe

I took some video of Trooper and Joe coming in from the field the other day thinking it would be easy to edit it and put it together into one video. I was wrong! I had to convert the files and some files were too large and it was all just very tricky! However, I have managed to do it now and here is a little video of them both.

Joe comes in with Trooper every day. They are always together in the field and Joe is very well behaved and follows me up. When we get out the gate he just walks to his stable and waits to be let in. Trooper on the other hand runs to every other horse's stable to eat their feed if he hasn't got his head collar on! And yes, Trooper does drive me mad biting everything but I just can't stop him! I've tried everything!

Hope you enjoyed! I'm going to go and get ready for my riding lesson now :-)

Love Laura

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