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Today's post is on Equimat rubber matting. I have this on the floor of my stable, I have had it for a long time, definitely over 5 years but I am not sure how long! Trooper has shavings for his bed but we are able to give him a thinner bed than we normally would due to the rubber matting. It also insulates the stable floor well in the winter so is good for when he lies down.

Below are some photos I have taken of our Equimat.

Here are some photos from their website which I have linked at the end of the post. As you can see ours isn't as bright green any more. It has gradually gone lighter and a bit more white in the areas which he urinates the most.

When I muck the stable out I usually leave it to dry for as long as possible before putting his bed down. With the rubber matting it dries out very quickly, it can take under an hour depending on the weather. Trooper's stable has a slight slope and some of the urine goes through the rubber matting and runs down to this side of his stable. At this side we have no rubber matting and put shavings down that can be taken out. This is then much nicer to put the clean bed back down onto. I muck it out with a plastic shavings fork as a metal one would stab into it.

Once a year, in the summer we lift up the rubber matting, power hose it, and clean out the stable floor underneath. Over time the rubber matting gets wider as it spreads out with use. We sometimes have to cut a bit off the edge before it is put back into the stable as it is not meant to go right up to the edges. Another great positive to Equimat is that it is light weight to lift up. I know a lot of people who have rubber matting that is very heavy and to bring it out of the stable to clean is very hard. One piece of this can be carried by one person. The only thing that makes it harder is that it is big and a bit bendy.

Trooper has respiratory problems and rubber matting is good for this as it reduces the need of lots of bedding.  He also stamps his feet and the Equimat has been able to withstand this well and has not ripped or torn. It is starting to get slightly worn near his door but I think this has just been squashed down with lots of use.

The Equimat comes in different sizes. Our stable has 4 larger squares, which jig-saw into each other in pairs. We then also have a smaller piece that jig-saw onto the end. They have very secure and there is no risk of them coming unattached. Below are more photos from their website that show this.

Equimat is expensive but I believe you will get your money back in the long run. There are prices on their website but prices start from £360 per stable. On their website it suggests you will get your money back in 18 months due to less bedding used. The also do trailer matting and wall matting but I have no experience of these.

Having rubber matting in our stable has definitely saved us money and made it easier to muck out, and in my opinion, Equimat is the best type of rubber matting.

Below is a link to their website.

Love Laura


Equimat said...

Hi Laura,

Thank you for your review. We welcome all feedback, it keeps us on our toes and is what helps us to keep improving our products and service.

I'm afraid that horse urine can discolour the mats. The good news is that it's all cosmetic and will not effect the performance of the mats.

It's all worth mentioning that we do offer discounts for 2 or more stables. We also have show offers if you visit the Equimat stand at the shows we attend (we'll be at Osberton and HOYS in October 2011).

We also offer a free cutting service. Let us have your wall to wall stable floor measurements and we'll cut the mats to the basic size and shape for you prior to despatch. This makes DIY fitting even easier.

Kind regards,

Julia (Equimat) said...

The best thing about stable mats that we can fit it easily. Once mats have been carefully and tightly fitted, than it will be useful for long time. said...

there are nice information With the help of simple tools, you are able to install stable matting surface for your affectionate pet, horse.

JOYCE EVA said...

Thanks for providing such type of information throug this blog but also rubber stable mats are heavy and may take 2 people to fit. If the mats required cutting, it is recomended that the cut mats are placed at the furthest point from the door

Susan Robin said...

Thanks For such an informative post. Rubber stable Mats provide a good bedding solution and also provide a protective environment for horses.

Trinitech UK said...

Great post! Rubber stable mats seem to be the most popular stable flooring. However, EVA stable mats are challenging that perception. Their lighter weight and interlocking design means they are much easier to lift and fit. Quality is improving all the time too!

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