Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Trooper Photos

Here are the photos I promised yesterday. As we can all see Trooper is getting a big belly and I am trying very hard to cut down his feed and exercise him every day but he just lives of fresh air! He isn't as fat as he got last summer though!

Below are a selection of photos from earlier. If he is looking even shinier than usual it is because he had a bath this morning! He is tired during the day at the moment as he is out over night and I think he must spend the whole time eating, so please excuse him looking a bit dopey in a lot of these photos! The the skewbald on some of the photos is Splash, he is kept in the same field as Trooper. Also I have now decided Trooper is 23 years old as he was born in '89 and I guess that would have been in the spring. He is still amazing for his age!

Love Laura


Carly said...

awww! he's so chubby. Although with luck he'll keep weight at easily as he gets even older!

Ruffles said...

Gosh he is pretty chubby isn't he. Very cute though.

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