Monday, 18 June 2012

Riding In The Sprinklers

Trooper has put weight on in the past week. The grass in the field is getting very long and as I can't ride in the outdoor arena at the moment as we are getting a new surface I am not getting chance to ride him as much. I booked a slot to ride him in the indoor arena other day and when I got in there the sprinklers were on in the corners at the far end of the school. I went to tell the farmer and he said they should be going off soon and to ride around them.

After a few minutes of circling at the bottom end of the arena they went off. Then shortly after a clunking noise happened and more sprinklers came on! This time at the end I had bee circling at. Trooper did spook a bit but I think it just made him jump. I then had to ride at the other end of the school.

To cut a long story short I had to ride for around 20 minutes dodging various sprinklers that were on a set timer. Towards the end they actually went off and I was able to go large and canter.

I was practising some sitting trot with stirrups and some turn on the forehand. He was going really nicely but started to cough a bit after I had cantered. I think this is because he has put on weight and he has bad breathing. I measured him with the weight tape and he was around 494 kg, he was previously 484 kg. I am going to try and ride him as much as I can to get him back down to his previous weight which hopefully wont take too long with a bit of schooling. I am also hoping the spring grass has reached it's peak now.

Love Laura

1 comment:

Ruffles said...

I'm sure Troopers loving the long grass even though it's not good for his waist line :P
Those sprinklers going off sounds very frustrating.

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