Monday, 4 June 2012

Jubilee Weekend

This weekend has been very busy with lots of Jubilee celebrations. Last night there was a programme on TV called "All The Queen's Horses" which I recommend seeing if you get the chance. It was a two hour show with with sections on different areas around the world. There were lots of different horses and styles of riding to fit in with this theme. 

Below is one of the rosettes from the farm's Jubilee party. They had a competition in the morning for the children then a party on the yard in the afternoon. 

We also have had the Olympic Torch coming through our town this week. Below is a photo of when I went to see it in Macclesfield. Unfortunately it rained while it was here!

I have ridden Trooper a few times since coming back from University. When I road him on the roads I was very impressed with his behaviour as we went past lots of building sites without him spooking. When schooling him I have been riding him in the outdoor arena and have cantered him. He was better on the right rein in canter which is surprising as his left hind leg is the one with his bad tendon. On the right rein he was much faster and I was finding it difficult to balance him. Because it has been so rainy I have not been able to get any nice photographs! More will be coming soon, his coat is looking nice now he has lost his winter coat and his mane has grown a lot which looks cute.

Next week I am going to start organising collecting samples for my dissertation. I need to collect horse poo from 10 horses! Faecal egg counts will then need to be carried out, the ones that need to be wormed will be then more samples will be collected. I am currently trying to organise getting 10 Thermos flasks to keep the samples in after I have collected them, they need to be bought from a specific shop due to my funding!

I am a bit unsure where I will over the next few weeks but I think I will be at home a few days next weekend so I will get some photos of Trooper then. I also want to do some plaiting posts! Trooper's mane is getting quite long but I might borrow another horse and do a nice Arab Plait on him! 

Love Laura

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