Thursday, 21 June 2012

Donkey Sanctuary Phone Sock

I am writing this blog post on my phone as I thought I would try out the app, if the post ends up looking different then that is why!

I wanted to show you all my new phone sock which I bought from the The Donkey Sanctuary gift shop! It is so cute and fits my iPhone perfectly. All of the phone sock are different as they are made by volunteers so it is a surprise what yours will look like! You could choose the colour so I went for light grey I think! It was only £3.75 with free postage!

I have also just ridden Trooper and is breathing is much better! I am sure this is party due to giving him Winergy Ventilate as this seemed to give a rapid improvement last time as well. Over the next two weeks I am going to be away from home so will not get to ride him. My Mum is going to ride him the first week and hopefully a friend will the second week!

Love Laura

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