Saturday, 18 February 2012

A Very Muddy Day

I am back home now for a few days so I took some photos of Trooper this morning. The weather was horrible and his field is getting very muddy!

I think he would have quite happily stayed in the stable today.

My Mum with Trooper's best friend Joe!

The lovely Joe.

Then he decided to roll, luckily he went just past the deep mud!

 And then he decided to roll for a second time!

                      By this time, his rug had come undone so we had to go and fasten it again!

By the end, my camera lens had rain on it and Trooper was soaking wet and muddy!

I also rode him this morning and my Mum took some video for me so when I get back to uni where I have left my laptop I will upload this and do an updating post about his tendon. He is doing really well though and feels just like he did before the injury.

Love Laura


Edward said...

Great photos Trooper is lovely and chunky, I do love welsh horses and ponies, have fun with the horses.

Elaine, Ellie's Treasures said...

Great pics. Roll on summer eh?!

Martine said...

Ugh, mud glorious mud! It looks like home - I don't miss THAT!!

Ruffles said...

Great photos. Trooper looks adorable!!!
No offence but I'm glad all that mud is at your place and not mine :P

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