Monday, 27 February 2012

Making Progress

Here is a video my Mum took of me riding Trooper whilst I was at home. It is his back right leg (the one with the sock) that was injured. He is doing really well especially considering his age. He still needs more work in the canter as he kept breaking into trot. I am also wary about collecting the trot as I don't want to put extra strain on his leg. Hopefully next time I go home at Easter we will be able to start doing a wider variety of schooling exercises!

Love Laura


Edward said...

Hello, I meant to leave you some comments a while back and I typed them out but some how managed to muck up and failed to leave them, sorry :( anyway on to this post.

Trooper looks pretty good considering everything, this is the first video I’ve seen of him he’s a nice chap, I am very glad he’s on the mend.

Miranda said...

He looks great. God job getting him moving again. Congrats (:

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