Saturday, 28 January 2012

General Chit-Chat

I have finished my exams today, they went OK but some papers were harder than others! I start my new modules on Monday. These are all modules I have chosen which will be good. These are the modules I am taking;
  • Equine Nutrition
  • Livestock Nutrition
  • Equine Behaviour And Welfare
  • Molecular Genetics Of Production Animals
  • Emerging Veterinary Science
Hopefully the first few weeks will be quieter so I will be able to write some more posts! I will probably be writing more nutrition and behaviour posts over the next few months. I have got a big list of things I still want to write. I still need to write a post on The Spanish Riding School from when I went. I was going to write it when I went home over Christmas because the program was at home which had lots of information and nice photographs in it, however, I was too busy with revision and I forgot to bring it back with me. I will write it at some point though. Also I saw that a lot of you found my genetics post interesting so I might write some more on genetics in the near future.

Here is a video that I found as somebody posted a link to it on Twitter. It is a video of Badminton Horse Trials but from the year 1965. I found it interesting so thought I would put it on here. Click here to watch it!

Another video I wanted to show with you was one I saw on Facebook on Horse & Hound's page. It is of The Household Cavalry after they have gotten off the horses and they can't walk because their boots are so long. There must be some reason they have them like this but surely this couldn't have been good if they were actually in battle. Click here to watch.

Trooper is doing well at home, he has been a bit stiff recently so we might start giving him bute again, we could give him it every other day or just when he looks like he needs it. He is 22 years old so it is probably mostly to do with his age. I don't see any reason why we shouldn't give it to him if he is stiff because it is making him loosen up. Here is a random photo of him I had on my laptop to make the post look a bit more colourful! Trooper has got quite a long mane at the moment and I thought it looked cute but after seeing this photo I think he is due a haircut when I go home because it looks nice and smart here!

Also thank you to all my new followers and especially a big thank you to Ruffles and Wolfie who I think have sent them over here!

Love Laura


Miranda said...

I am sure the weather does not help with his stiffness. Hopefully come spring he will loosen up with the better weather.

Edward said...

Sounds like you’ve got some interesting posts planned, I’ve been meaning to do a post about the Spanish Riding School of Vienna for ages but never get around to it, it’ll be good to see your post on them and of course I would love to read more about genetics.

I enjoyed watching these two videos, the Badminton was just nice to watch and the Household Cavalry were hilarious, they looked like penguins, that must just be humiliating.

~Allison said...

I am looking forward to your nutrition posts! I always find your posts very educational.

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