Friday, 20 January 2012

Horse Hairstyles?

I remembered these photos they other day and thought I would make a post on them. Below is a quote taken from Julian Wolkenstein's website (click here). Julian is an artist and has created a wide range of interesting images.

"Of course we view our animals with fondness, we often bestow our animals with human traits, little wigs, clothes, and such.
But with such a majestic creature as a horse our reaction is less whimsical,  the size and nature of a horse commands respect. They have been alongside humans for so much of our history.
This Pin-up series takes dressing animals up to a extreme, working with the horses natural hair, additional hair extensions and over all grooming with dramatic lighting provides a wry humour.
Our reaction is mixed, its not whimsical, but it is definitely not serious either, we are left questioning our relation to, and our projections on animals."

I love these images for the purpose of the photo but don't think I will go braiding Trooper's main into dreadlocks any time soon! What do you think of the images?

Love Laura


Martine said...

Hey, thanks for the follow! I love the variety of posts in your blog!

Shahrukh said...

This blog is great source of information which is very useful for me. Thank you very much.

MegF said...

Was checking on your latest post (as have you linked from my blog in my blog roll), then the "You Might Also Like" had this crazy image of horse looking like a 1940s pin-up model. Those horse hair styles are hysterical. My Icelandics have hair nearly as wild just on their own.


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