Friday, 2 September 2011

Spanish Riding School

In November the Spanish Riding School are coming to visit the UK and we have got tickets to see them! They are at Wembley from the 25-27th of November.

One of the Lipizzaner stallions (image does not belong to me).

Also I saw on the Horse and Hound website that Carl Hester is joining them, click here for the article. This has made me even more excited as it will be nice to have a rider that I actually know in the show!

The Spanish Riding School has Lipizzaner stallions and has been around for hundreds of years. They will be doing a classical riding display with accompanying classical music from an orchestra. They perform many dressage moves such as piaff but also leap of the floor. Some are ridden and some are on a long rein. It takes 8- 12 years for the riders to become fully qualified.

Tickets are still available here here and prices start at £24.85.

Love Laura

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