Thursday, 22 September 2011

Back To Uni

I've not been writing many equine science posts lately. This is partly because of Trooper's injury keeping me busy and partly because I am going back to university on Saturday and I will be writing lots of sciencey posts then until I am home for Christmas.

I have just graduated with a degree in Equine Science fro Aberystwyth University but I am going back to Aber to study a masters in Animal Science. For those of you who don't know, Aberystwyth is a little seaside town in mid Wales. They have run a masters in Equine Science for quite a few years but the Animal Science course is new. I have decided to do the Animal Science course as I want to work in nutrition when I finish and if I have also studied livestock nutrition then there will be more jobs that I can apply to and I can hopefully move into equine nutrition if I don't get a job in the area to begin with. Doing Animal Science I still take most of the equine modules and a few on farm animals. During my degree in Equine Science I actually had most of my lectures with the Animal Science students.

When I am at university Trooper stays at home with my mum as we share him. So I wont be able to take any photos of him etc. I will probably just being writing updates on his tendon injury. There are horses at the university but our courses are based on the science aspect and not the hands on looking after them (so it is also important people get this experience else where while studying).

I will probably write a post on my time at Aberystwyth University studying Equine Science going into it all in a bit more detail!

For now, when I am back at uni I will be writing a lot more science posts based on what I am learning in lectures and researching.

Love Laura

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