Sunday, 25 September 2011

Equine Science At Aberystwyth

I am writing a post on my undergraduate degree which was in Equine Science (BSc) at Aberystwyth University. I thought this may be interesting to people who wonder what we learn in equine science or if people are wondering whether they should do the course themselves.

Click here  for the link to the website for my undergraduate degree course.

Click here for the link to the website page for the masters course I am about to start.

I really enjoyed my time at Aberystwyth during my undergraduate degree. It is a town in Wales by the sea. Below are some photos. It is a really nice place to go to uni because the population is largely students.

On my course we covered a range of subject areas. In first year we took a range of modules such as equine anatomy, equine industry, nutritional biochemistry and animal science to give us a good basic level of knowledge.

In first year we also had some lectures with the sport science students such as Muscle Function and Cardio-respiratory. This led on to modules we took such as Equine Performance Physiology and one where we compared the physiology of the human and the horse which was very interesting. We also did practicals in this time where we used heart rate monitors etc.

Other subject areas we have covered are Equine Nutrition, Stud Management and Equine Reproduction, Veterinary Science, Parasitology, Immunology and many more! Some modules I find more interesting than others but everyone has different views. We have lots of practicals in laboratories where we analyse feeds or learn about what certain parasites look like under a microscope which makes the course more interesting.

All of the lecturers are really nice as well. If you don't understand anything you can email them or go and see them and they will help. They all know what they are talking about and have a lot of experience with researching.

There are a wide range of jobs that the course leads into such as stud management, equine nutrition, equine health and research. Some people may also go on to train to be an equine physiotherapist as there is a post grad course which allows this. Other people have gone on to do a veterinary degree. It is hard to know how good the job prospects are in this course compared to others as all jobs are hard to get at the moment. There are job vacancies in the area but competition is high.

All in all I think it is a really good course. I originally chose the course because I didn't know what I wanted to do after school, I liked science and I liked horses. Now I want to work in the equine industry but not necessarily hands on with horses. I would particularly like to work in equine nutrition.

I have chosen to now do Animal Science and not Equine Science so I can take an Animal Nutrition module which I wouldn't have been able to do in Equine Science. This will then enable me to apply for agricultural nutrition jobs as well!

Love Laura

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