Monday, 22 October 2012

Top 10 Tips On Keeping Your Horse Safe On Bonfire Night

With bonfire night approaching I thought I would do some research and collect "my top 10 tips" on keeping your horses safe on bonfire night. Fireworks can be very frightening for horses and may lead to injuries. Here  are my top 10 tips in no particular order.

  1. Keep your horse in it's normal routine. If it is normally stabled over night then keep it in and if it is normally in the field then it may stay out as long as it is not close to a firework display area.
  2. If stabled, check the stable for any potential items that may cause injury if the horse becomes spooked such as nails. If your horse is staying in the paddock then do the same, check the fencing is not broken etc.
  3. Make sure there is someone experienced with the horses if you know fireworks are to be set off. Your presence may have a calming effect on the horse. 
  4. Find out when local displays are being held so you can be prepared. If you do have worries about firework displays it may be worth speaking to the organisers as the RSPCA have said that some firework displays have been altered where there has been risks of causing distress to animals.
  5. If your horse is very spooky it may be better to talk to your vet about sedation.
  6. Playing music or having the radio on may help to mask the sudden noise from fireworks.
  7. Try to remain calm yourself as if you are stressed the horse can sense this.
  8. If possible don't ride while the fireworks are being set off.
  9. If there is a bonfire being held near the yard then check the emergency fire procedures in place on your yard.
  10. In the morning check the fields for any fireworks or Chinese lanterns that may have landed.

Love Laura

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