Saturday, 13 October 2012

Product Review; K*TY Jodhpurs

I recently bought two pairs of jodhpurs from the Equestrian Clearance website (click here to see the jodhpurs on the website). The jodhpurs are made by the brand K*TY or KTY (I am not sure how you write it!). I decided to buy jodhpurs from this brand as this is the same brand that made my steel toe cap jodhpur boots and they have been really good. When I bought the jodhpurs they were £12 each, they have now gone up to £17.99 but are still cheaper than their original price of £25.99.

I ordered a navy and a brown pair, they both look really nice and have the KTY symbol on the back at the top. The colour did rub off slightly before and during the first wash but the actual colour of the jodhpurs has not faded and they still look in good condition. The material does have a very slight shine to it so if you don't like this then you may not like them. I ordered my normal dress size and they fit perfectly which is also good. They also have a zip pocked on the front on one side. The jodhpurs are well made and comfy and I think they are really good value if you are after a cheap pair to wear around the farm!

Love Laura

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