Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Autumn's Here

Here are some photos I took of Troops in the field today, excuse his muddiness!

He is staying in his stable over night now and he has 2 haynets filled with haylage over night. The blue one is double wrapped and the red one is only half full. We gave him this amount of haylage last winter and it worked quite well with keeping his weight down.

Also, sorry to finish this post on a photo of Trooper's bum, but his tail is looking amazing at the moment! I have been saying for months I need to write a post on Prize by Equisoothe as we have been using it all summer and his tail looks amazing! As he has sweet itch it has never looked this good at the end of summer despite trying lots of different things and equisoothe has really helped!

Also I have handed in my dissertation draft now so hopefully I will be able to write posts a bit more regularly!

Love Laura

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