Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Random Update!

I am getting towards the end of my dissertation (touch wood). I am currently writing up the results and explaining the results I did find. Just a reminder, I have been looking at the effects of a horse wormer on the hindgut microbes in horses. I have found that it did not have an effect on the protozoa but it did have an effect on the bacteria present and the levels did change significantly over the 2 weeks they were tested. I have not yet got to look into what these differences were, I just know they were there! However, before you all start worrying about worming your horse, my sample size was small as only 10 horses were used, therefore a lot more research would be needed. It was also unexpected that the wormer would have had an effect on the microbes so I will be looking into this more in the discussion!

As I am coming to the end of my dissertation I am also starting to look for jobs in animal nutrition so I will keep you posted on this. 

I have also been enjoying the Paralympics when I have gotten chance to watch it so would like to write a few posts on that in the near future. I need to learn a bit more about it first though!

Love Laura

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