Monday, 10 September 2012

Picture Perfect

Recently I was on "Brays Of Our Lives" blog, a blog about mules. In the side bar on the right there is a lovely picture of her mule, Fenway  that you can buy with his back to the camera and he is looking over to one side. I like the image because it looks a bit different that the usual equine portrait but you can still see his eyes and ears!

My Dad paints as a hobby and he is very good at it so I have shown him the picture and asked if I can have one of Trooper which is similar. I will need to get a good photo of Trooper in this position that he can copy though first! I think it might take a few people to help get the photo right! When I next get the chance I will start taking some potential photos for it and I will share them on here.

Here are some of the paintings that he has done of Trooper and some other horses.

These three are paintings that he has done that are a copy of another painting.

Love Laura


Martine said...

Wow your Dad is talented! Lovely!

~Allison said...

Absolutely amazing!!

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