Wednesday, 5 September 2012

GB Rider Profile; Natasha Baker

Natasha Baker is a Paralympic rider who has done very well at the London 2012 games. This is her first Paralympics at the age of 22 and she has scored a personal best and won gold medals during her time at Greenwich Park. Her horse is called Cabral and is an 11 year old gelding.

She rides in the grade II category which is for riders with locomotion impairment. She suffers from a neurological disorder causing inflammation of the spine due to contracting a virus at an early age. She also rides with no stirrups and cannot use her legs so uses voice and hand aids in order to control the horse. Her parent both are into horses and she has ridden from a young age, especially through the RDA (riding for the disabled).

During her freestyle routine she said she became slightly out of time with the routine and had to improvise in order to do the movements that would fit in with the music. She still won a gold in this event and broke the Paralympic record! A stamp is also going on sale to mark her success.

Below are two videos, one is an interview with her which was quite funny, she seems like a really nice girl. The other is her freestyle routine at Greenwich.

She has her own website which you can get to via this link;

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Love Laura

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Judi said...

I wish I could ride just half as well as her. I am felling very incompetent right now.

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