Friday, 13 July 2012

Too Much Energy

Just a quick update... We have a new surface in our outdoor arena now. I am currently away doing my dissertation but I will get some photos when I am home. I have ridden on it once and it was really nice. The old surface was very deep so was not very good for Trooper's tendon. This one is sandy but has small pieces of fabric in it like carpet! When I was riding Trooper on this new surface he had a lot of energy. I thought this was probably due to him not being ridden much while I was away. Part of the fencing has also changed which he was spooking at. He was really good though and I had a nice ride.

He has been in the outdoor arena a few times now and he still has a lot of energy. My Mum lunged him the other day and he was doing bucking broncos! She also rode him yesterday and he still had a lot of energy and was spooking a lot. 

I am not sure if he has got too much energy or if he is just being naughty. He is out overnight but when he is in the stable during the day he doesn't have any hay. I would have thought that the worst of the spring grass is over so it is strange he suddenly has a lot of energy! He has half a scoop of Happy Hoof for his feed when he comes in because he is in the routine of having a feed when he comes in. It is a few more weeks before I go home but I think he will have to be ridden as much as possible at the moment and  we will see how he is. 

Love Laura

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