Thursday, 26 July 2012

Lazy Days

The summer weather has finally arrived in the UK and all of the horses are feeling very lazy. I am back from university for the weekend to go to a wedding on Saturday then for the Olympic XC on Monday. I went to the farm this morning and rode Trooper. He was good but he was stiff on the right rein for around 30 seconds when I first went into trot. He then loosened up and was much better.

This afternoon I went to the farm to turn Troops out and he was very sleepy (see below!). The children are now on their summer holidays and two little boys were playing football in the garden of the house. Just I was walking Trooper past they kicked the ball over the fence and it rolled right under Trooper's legs. He didn't even bother and just kept walking.

When I turned him out he went for a drink. He loves the water trough in the field because he can gulp lots of water down. I have attached a video of him below. Does anyone else's horse's ears move backwards and forwards when they drink and water come out their nose? I think I have a strange horse!

Love Laura


Martine said...

I think all of mine move their ears while they're drinking - I've certainly noticed it in the past and like you, thought it was unusual, but with hindsight I think it's actually pretty normal!
Enjoy the XC!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Oh Laz's ears do that too! I love it, it's like his 'pump' :) Trooper is SO handsome!

K.K. said...

My Palamino's ears would do that! I had never seen a horse other than him do that!

And I love his droopy lip! Our new horse does that and it makes me giggle all the time!

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