Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Tendon Timeline

I have wanted to do this post for a while now as I thought it would be a good guide for people dealing with a horse with a tendon injury. Trooper injured his tendon at the start of September and is now (touch wood) fully recovered so I thought it would be a good idea to make one post linking to all my other tendon posts over the past few months. Some of the blog posts focus on other things but include an update at some point.

16/09/11-Very lame. 2 bute a day. Hosing for 20 minutes a day.  Tendon Injury

21/09/11- Would not stand on leg.  Bandages and Compagel to help with swelling. Given cartrophen injection. In the field for 3 hours a day. 2 bute a day. Ultrasound Scan

06/10/11-Given platelet rich plasma injection. Physiotherapy.  Platelet-Rich Plasma Injection

04/11/11- Start riding for 5 minutes a day or walking in hand for 5 minutes a day. Given HY-50 injection. Trooper's Tendon Injury; HY-50 Injection

18/11/11- Trooper was being ridden in walk for 5 minutes a day. Bute given every day. Haynet Blog Of The Day

29/12/11- Ridden for sessions of half an hour in walk with 4 minutes of trot. No circles.  Building Up Work

11/01/12- Being ridden at canter.  Ban Chinese Lanterns

23/01/12- Breaking into trot before cantering a full lap of the arena. A bit on the forehand when being ridden. Riding circles in walk and trot but not yet in canter. No bute. Trooper's Leg

11/04/12- Doesn't feel stiff. Riding smaller circles. Just A Little Update

18/04/12- Doing lateral work. Blue Skies

Here is another post I wrote that might be of use to people researching about tendon injury treatments about stem cell treatment.

He has come a long way since he first injured the leg. I think due to him being 22 years old, it was important we kept turning him out for a few hours during the day so he did not get stiff. He is also quite sensible in the field so we knew he wouldn't put too much strain on it.

Love Laura

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Carly said...

Great informative post!

About a year after I got skip he hog tied himself in a barb wire fence and tore the tendons in his hind legs. We had him in one of those slings that hung down for a few weeks to keep all the pressure off of it. It was a long road to recovery. :(

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