Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Who To Follow On Twitter?

I was thinking about what to do a post on and ended up on Twitter, I then decided I could write a post about who I like to follow on Twitter as I think a lot of bloggers also use the website.

  • @kyequine; Kentucky Equine Research provides links to lots of new information on equine nutrition. 
  • @Joules_Clothing; The clothing brand has information about sales and competitions they are running.
  • @horseblogs; Although it doesn't say, I think this is the Twitter account for the "Behind The Bit" blog. It links to their posts along with other news.
  • @DonkeySanctuary; As many of you may know I love the Donkey Sanctuary and their Twitter account is also one of my favourites. It often links to their "Donkey Cam" and keeps me up to date with their news.
  • @TeamSPILLERS; The feed company Spillers gives lots of news and information about feeding your horse. 
  • @HorseCharity; World Horse Welfare tweets lots of news, information and photos about their charity.

Hope you enjoy exploring them, let me know if you recommend any others!

Love Laura

1 comment:

Wolfie said...

I can barely keep up with Facebook, email and blogging! :-) Good of you to post these Twitter accounts.

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