Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Fly-Grazing Horses

I have noticed a lot on the news recently about horses that live in the wild becoming too large in numbers in certain areas and causing problems. There are also problems with horses being bred until they are in large groups and then being left on land being "fly-grazed". This is currently a big problem in Wales.

The BBC published this news article the other day. Click here! In it they discuss the problems with horses being left on land to graze where they should not be. Many of these horses have a poor welfare and some end up being put to sleep. 250 stray horses recently hit the news that had been found in Bridgend. The people that previously own these horses need to stop breeding such large numbers. I expect they are hoping to earn money by selling the horses on and nobody wants to buy them.

This is also giving horse owners a bad name and will not help with other issues in the community that riders are campaigning for such as access to bridle paths and safer riding on the roads.

I am not sure what a solution to this problem could be. Owners need to be educated and hopefully they will realise that they are not gaining anything by breeding these large numbers of horses and leaving them on land to graze that does not belong to them and may be in dangerous areas.

Love Laura

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