Saturday, 31 March 2012

Greedy Trooper and Pretty Joe!

 I am back home for three weeks now over Easter and here are some photos I took of Trooper this afternoon. As usual he was with Joe in the field, Joe was doing his best poses for the camera whilst Trooper was being grumpy and eating as much grass as possible! For those of you that don't know Joe is Trooper's best friend and they are always together in the field. They are both old and stay away from the other horses messing about!


 As usual Joe was standing like a very well behaved horse while Trooper was stuffing his face with grass!

I will have to send this one to his owner! Shame Trooper's bum is in the way!

This is one of Trooper's worst habits, he bites the lead rope when we bring him in from the field. I have tried everything to make him stop! I tried leading him without a lead rope for months and he would still try and bite where it should be. As soon as I put it back on he would bite it again!

One of the only nice photos of Trooper!

And to finish it off, here's Pixie, the oldest cat in the world (or so I like to think!)

Love Laura


~Allison said...

Cute pics! They look like some happy ponies!

Ruffles said...

They both look so happy. Trooper is so funny holding his lead in his mouth :)

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