Monday, 19 December 2011

New Rug For Trooper

I am back from university for Christmas now! I had my first ride on Trooper this morning and he is doing really well after his tendon injury.

I rode in the indoor arena. He is allowed to be ridden for 20 minutes a day with 2 of those minutes in trot. We have had a bit of snow and ice since I have been home but it has melted today so hopefully I will be able to ride out on the roads soon too. When I was riding him he felt the same as he used to and didn't feel uneven in trot which was good.

He hasn't been clipped this year for the first time since we have had him (due to his injury he can't do much exercise). We decided he needed to wear a rug about a month ago when he was coming in soaking wet and muddy! He already had one light weight rug but my mum has bought a middle weight one for when the weather is colder or his light weight is wet. He went out for the first time yesterday in his new rug. It is a bit pink but it was the only colour the tack shop had!

Me and Troops with him in his new rug.

The rug we got for him was made by Masta, it is a medium weight and the style is called "Zing". A lot of his rugs are in 5ft 9" but this one is in 6ft as often they rub his shoulders so we thought this may help. This rug is around £55, it has a waterproof and breathable outer layer, is cotton lined and has 170g of thermal filling. To fasten the rug it has two buckles at the front, rear leg straps, surcingles under the tummy and a tail flap. It is a really nice looking rug and good quality. The only issue I have had with it so far is that one of the loops the buckle straps goes through at the front is a bit small and it has to be forced through. Hopefully this will stretch with time though.

The first day he went out in his new rug he didn't roll so he came in nice and clean. He had to wear the rug again today because his other one is still wet inside and he definitely rolled! The photos below aren't very good because they were taken on my phone whilst it was raining and Trooper was desperate to get in the stable!

I couldn't brush him because it was wet but looks like I will have a big job tomorrow morning. Luckily it's just on his neck! I am riding him again tomorrow and my Mum is coming as well so I might try and get her to take some photos of me (although she usually just gets half of him in the photo!). I keep forgetting to take my camera to the farm so these photos are taken on my phone and are not very good quality. I will try and remember to take it next time!

Love Laura

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