Saturday, 3 December 2011

Christmas Gift Guide!

Here are a few little Christmas gifts to buy horse mad people! All of the items featured are from charities so as well as getting a great gift the money will be going to a good cause!

For children...

These Woolley Donkeys are from the Donkey Sanctuary website. They are hand knitted by their supported and each one is different! They are not suitable for children under 3 years old. They are £7.85 and even though I am putting these in the children section I would quite like one myself! Click here to go to the website!

This next item is also from The Donkey Sanctuary. They have loads of great books on there for children and here is one I picked out. It is "The Story of Eeyore, The Naughtiest Donkey in the Sanctuary". It costs just £2.50. Click here to go to the website.

The final children's gift is from the BHS and is glittery horse stickers. It is only £1.50 and I think most little girls would love this present, the pack contains 12 stickers. Click here to go to the website.

For teenagers...

This 2012 is from The Donkey Sanctuary and costs £7.25. They also do a discount if you buy more than one! I think that donkeys have such great character that I'm sure all the photos inside are lovely! Click here to go to the website!

This DVD is from the BHS website and is called "Enjoying Show Jumping With Tim Stockdale". It is £19.99 and runs from approx 105 minutes. Tim Stockdale is one of our countries top show jumpers and in this DVD he shows exercises that you can do at home with your own horse. Click here to go to the website.

The final teenage gift is from Redwings Horse Sanctuary and is a wash bag with cartoon horses on it. This is great for a make up bag or for toiletries. It is £8.99, Click here to go to the website.

For adults...

On the BHS website there is a wide variety of books and you could choose one depending on what the person is interested in. The book I have chosen to feature is "Riding for Gold", I thought this would be appropriate with the Olympics coming up next year. It costs £7.50 and is about the last 50 years of horse trials in Great Britain. Click here to go to the website.

This bag is from Redwings, it is £18.99. It has a zip pocket and inside gift compartment and is great for when you are going out shopping (especially if you live in Wales where we now have to pay for all carrieri bags!).  Click here to go to the website.

The last gift is from Redwings Horse Sanctuary and is an oven glove and is only £5.99. They also have an apron to match. Click here to go to the website.

Hope this helps anyone looking to buy gifts for any horse or donkey enthusiasts! There are so many other things on these websites, I have just picked a few that caught my eye! I think they all sell Christmas cards as well.

I am going home in less than 2 weeks and I will be there for over a month so I will be writing lots of Trooper updates and product reviews then until I go back to university for exams! I am also going to an Equine Science conference next week for three days which I am looking forward to and hopefully I will be able to write a post on that.

(None of these images belong to me!)

Love Laura


Bill said...

I really like the bag, and the oven mitt too. I have an equestrian clearance shop int he UK and it is always nice to see new products around, I was thinking of introducing a line of christmas gift ideas for next year so thanks for the resource.

Rachel Horse said...

Good guide!

I bought the oven muff for my mum and she loved it!!!!!! lol

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