Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Horse Christmas Decorations

I have just seen these Christmas decorations on Haute2Trot's blog and thought they are really nice! This blog is all about equestrian fashion and products and is a really good blog, here is the link...

The horsey Christmas decorations can be seen below! I love them all!! They are from the USA, they do ship to the UK but I would be a bit worried about shipping them! I know a lot of people from the US read my blog though so at least you can buy them! They cost $40 for 6 and you can pick which 6 you like! They would be great for your own tree or to give to your fellow horse owner friends! I love how they have a festive twist to the images and they remind me of the different horse pictures they had for different disciplines in the Olympics in Beijing.
Click here to go to the shop!

Love Laura
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