Sunday, 10 March 2013

Guest Post; What You Need To Wear When Looking After A Horse

Author Bio – Claire Hunter enjoys writing on a wide range of topics including animals, horses, lifestyle, home wares, fashion and more. Hopefully readers will enjoy this blog post and take from it some useful information. 

Owning a horse requires a lot of purchases to be made from an owner. Accessories, equipment, food and housing are just a few of the things you will need to buy if you are going to be caring for a horse. One thing that many equestrians also need to consider, that most other pet owners don’t is clothing. Wearing the right clothing is essential when choosing to take care or ride a horse.

Equestrian clothing comes in all sorts of different pieces, which you will need to acquire when looking after your pet. Whether you are riding or mucking out the stables, there are many different items of clothing you will need to purchase when taking on the responsibility of a horse. Riding a horse requires you to wear all kinds of different apparel.

What you will need -
  • The hat is the most important item, as this will keep your head safe if you were to have any kind of accident while riding.
  • Gloves are also essential for keeping your hands warm while out in cold weather as well as keeping a tighter grip on your horse’s reins.
  • Riding boots and chaps are also needed for the sport of horse riding. These will help to secure more grip and control while on your animal.
  • Body protectors will also keep you safe when you are out and about on your horse.
  • Breeches or jodhpurs are required when riding to help you stay comfortable and still on your horse.
  • The right footwear is also important, this is usually a pair of riding boots specially for wearing while on your horse.

From time to time you may take part in competitions with your horse. This will require a whole new set of clothing for you to wear. Usually a tweed riding jacket is worn over a shirt and tie with a smart pair of jodhpurs to go with it. Sometimes a stock is adorned instead of a tie and of course a hat is to be worn too along with chaps and riding boots.

If you are considering looking after a horse then you will need to think about all those purchases including the many items of clothing you will need to obtain. Owning a horse is a lot of responsibility, but it can also be a very rewarding hobby. Remember to think through your decision before coming to the conclusion that you want to look after a horse.  

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