Monday, 4 March 2013

Guest Post; Are You Ready To Own A Horse?

Today's post is a guest one from Joyce Pearson has been around horses her entire life and has been riding since she was old enough to walk. She currently owns 2 of her own horses and rides every day. She shares her knowledge on

Owning a horse is a truly rewarding, if at times challenging experience. It requires dedication, time and money, and while it will be hard work, it’ll be completely worth it if you get it right.

Before you get carried away with the idea of cantering down a beach on a beautiful day, it is important to think it all through before spending any hard-earned cash. A horse is a massive commitment and an investment that requires monthly outgoings as well as the initial outlay.

There are many factors to consider, all of which will cost you money! The biggest expense and also the biggest decision you need to make is where your horse will live. The most expensive option is a livery yard, although there are various different options depending on what your needs are. The most expensive of the livery options is Full Livery – this is often the best option if you are a busy person and need some help looking after your horse.

It is important to do your research to work out what kind of livery you will need and how much it is likely to end up costing you. You may also have to join a waiting list for a livery yard, so it is important to suss all of this out before you even start looking for a horse.

Once you have done your sums and worked out whether or not you can afford a horse, it’s time to start looking. Be patient and prepared to take your time - finding the right horse for you can be a long process and it’s important not to rush it. 

Write out a list of the qualities you are looking for based on your riding abilities. Although you want a horse that is going to advance your skills as a rider, what you don’t want is a horse that will be too difficult for you to control and that you will end up regretting buying.

Start your search on Horse Deals, they have a huge variety of horses for sale and you can tailor your search to suit your needs. Keep your list to hand at all times and refer to it throughout.

Once you have your shortlist you can make some phone calls to ask any questions you have and then start arranging visits. Always visit a horse at least twice and remember that the most important things you are looking out for are the horse’s temperament and whether you have a connection or not. This will matter more in the long-term than the type of horse you go for.

Click here for more tips on buying a horse and prepare yourself for an amazing journey! 

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