Thursday, 3 May 2012

No Badminton This Year!

Badminton Horse Trials was due to take place this weekend and it has been cancelled due to all the wet weather we have been having. I used to enjoy going to watch Badminton before exams got in the way! Hopefully in the future I will go again! It is especially a shame it has been cancelled this year in the run up to the Olympics as it would have been a great trial run for the riders.

Here are some photographs I took from a trip to Badminton, I am not sure when this was though and they are not very good quality as they are taken on my old camera.

One of the best things about Badminton Horse Trials are the shops. The first time I heard about Joules was at a trip to Badminton Horse Trials in which everyone was wearing their polo tops. I bought a light pink one. Joules has become very popular now and is now available to buy on the high-street. Joules bring out a Badminton range every year and there are some nice items of clothing so I thought I would add them in! Two of the tops below are men's but I think that they could equally be worn by a woman.

Above are the Badminton women's bag;£19.99, Badminton girl's polo; £29.95, Badminton men's sweat; £69.95 and Men's Badminton rugby top; £69.95.

Also I have just seen on the Horse & Hound website they are doing a Badminton shopping bonanza with lots of offers so if you need to buy anything at the moment then go and have a look!

Love Laura

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