Sunday, 22 April 2012

GB Rider Profile; Laura Bechtolsheimer

I wanted to get back into my weekly Sunday posts on Great British riders so I chosen Laura Bechtolsheimer for this week! Laura Bechtolsheimer is one of our countries youngest and most talented dressage riders.

She has been riding most of her life and competed from a young age. In 2005 she became the youngest British Dressage National Champion at the age of 20 riding Douglas Dorsey. Laura is currently ranked third in the world on her horse Mistral Hojris. This is also the same horse on which she competed in the 2008 Olympic games gaining 18th place overall in the individual Grand Prix and 6th place in the time event. She was also given the title of Britain's Dressage Rider Of The Year. At the 2012 World Equestrian games she gained three British International Grand Prix records getting 85.35% in the Grand Prix Freestyle, unfortunately she was beaten by Edward Gal and Moorlands Totilas.

Although I can't find a website of her own, she makes videos for These feature her demonstrating training techniques and interviews.

 Below is a video with an interview of her thoughts on the 2012 Olympics.

Laura Bechtolsheimer surely has to be one of Britain's top hopes for a gold medal at London 2012! It seems we have a lot to look forward to with such a promising young dressage rider competing for Great Britain.

Love Laura

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