Thursday, 29 November 2012

Christmas Stocking Fillers 2012

Following on from my last Christmas gift post, here is another one with lots of stocking fillers! First is this really cute keyring from Horze which is only 95p!

 Next are these Likit Treat Bars, they are £1 each and there is a choice of flavours for your horse to enjoy!

I also found these hand warmers in the shape of a horse's head, they are £3.99 from Equestrian Clearance and are reusable. Click here to go to the website!

Next is a 3D saddle keyring from Equestrian Clearance for £5.99.

Here is a mobile phone holder which is great for when you don't have a pocket and are out riding on your own. It is also £5.99 from Equestrian Clearance.

I also really like these fluffy socks from Joules, they can be bought here and cost £6.75.

Here is a DIY jewellery kit to make a bracelet out of horse hair which would be great for young girls. It is £7.50 and can be bought from Robinsons.

Love Laura

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