Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Atypical Myopathy

I saw on facebook earlier that the World Horse Welfare has been made aware of several cases of Equine Atypical Myopathy (EAM) in the south of England. This is a very serious disease and little is known about where it comes from or how it spreads, it is possible it is caused by a toxin on the pasture and effected by an adverse change in weather conditions.

Click here to go to the World Horse Welfare website for more information and signs to look out for in your horse.

There is also a website dedicated entirely to the disease...

Hopefully this will not affect any of you but at least if you are aware of the disease and it's symptoms it may help if you are affected by it. Also please try and make people aware of the disease.

Love Laura


Wolfie said...

Scary. Thanks for posting.

Corinna said...

One of the greatest thing about social media (amidst its many faults) is the ability to quickly and effectively disperse important news. I am always so amazed at how quickly worrisome symptoms of one horse at one show in one little state is blasted so that everyone can take precaution. Always a great education of what symptoms to look for in our horses and the horses in our communities!

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