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Product Review- Young Again

Trooper recently had the chance to try Young Again by Organic Horse Supplements.

Feeding Young Again
The Young Again supplement consists of small pellets. The instructions stated to give one scoop twice a day but as Trooper only has one feed I put both scoops into one. Trooper is definitely not fussy with his feed but has really enjoyed eating it. I think most horses would eat it without a problem.

What's in it?
Young Again is made up of organic products such as flax seed, kelp, chamomile, rosemary, rose-hip, nettle and grape seed. Many of these plants have proven have health benefits in horses as well as humans. The ingredients definitely have been well chosen to suit older horses.

The antioxidants present are great for fighting against damage to cells. In humans, amongst other benefits antioxidants have been recommended for joint problems are are said to help ease pain, inflammation and stiffness. There are high levels of antioxidants in the ingredients present such as nettle, rosemary, grape seed and milk thistle. Flax seed has also been shown to reduce aching muscles and helps with stiff immobile joints. Celery seed is present and has been found to help with arthritis and swollen joints.

Amino acids are the building blocks for muscle. Amino acid supplememtationnim humans have been found to help with muscle loss caused by aging. They are present in this supplement due to the addition of ingredients including flax seed, nettle and kelp.

Young Again also contains a good level of vitamins and minerals to help with things such as strong hooves and bones along with a healthy coat. Sea vegetables such as kelp contain a high level of vitamins and minerals and is good for strong hooves.

The levels of all the nutrients present are listed on their website which is really handy. I have found that many feed companies do not do this (although they often give you the information if you specifically ask).

The Results
Trooper was only having Happy Hoof for his main feed with an apple and carrot, as he is prone to putting on weight we don't want to give him too much feed. As Trooper is grazing most of the day he will get a lot of the nutrients he needs from this, however as he is getting older he may need a bit of extra help as his teeth may not be as good as they once were and he may not be absorbing nutrients as well. I feel like Young Again gives him the extra bit of nutrients he needs without bulking out his feed to much and adding in the extra energy.

Trooper is now 25 years old and the main problem as he is getting older are his joints. He does get stiff after being stabled and often trips up whilst being ridden. His tendon is still causing a few problems after he injured it a couple of years ago. He is currently being ridden for light hacks and lives out apart from a few hours a day when he comes into the stable. Therefore I am hoping the supplement will benefit his joints.

After feeding Young Again for two months Trooper is looking great. It also makes me feel happy that he is having all the nutrients he needs as he is getting older. It is good to know that he is receiving a high level of antioxidants to help his joints and hopefully using Young Again will help to prevent further joint damage and problems and slow down the aging process. I think it is important to keep him in light work as I believe this will help keep in active and help with his joints. His joints do seem to have been good recently and he hasn't been tripping up as much. Many older horses also lose muscle mass and although this is not currently a problem for Trooper, hopefully this will prevent this from happening as soon. He overall looks in good health and also has not had any problems with cracking hooves which he sometimes gets over the summer months. Using Young Again should help to give Trooper the extra support he needs to stay as active as possible as he is getting older.

I feel the only downside is the price as it currently costs around £50.00 for a months supply. If this is in your budget I would definitely recommend that you give the range a look as it is obvious that a lot of work has gone into researching what the supplement should contain (they use the NRC). If you are interested in Young Again or any other products in the range you can visit the website at

Love Laura

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Unknown said...

I would love to hear more on this - do you have any long term results? I think it is quite a pricey product but if it really does what it says on the tin?
Chrissie Learn2Horse

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